WordPress Landing Page (Figma to Elementor)

Client Name

Sidney Scott​


United State​

Project Type

Website Landing Page​

Used Technology

WordPress, Elementor​

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15 Days​

Website URL

Click Here

Case Studies:

“GrewDev,” a leading web design and development agency, is pleased to showcase our recent successful project, the Figma to WordPress landing page conversion for Handwave. This project involved translating a meticulously designed Figma prototype into a fully responsive and visually stunning WordPress landing page, implemented with the Elementor page builder.

Project Objectives:
⦁ Pixel-Perfect Conversion: The primary objective was to meticulously convert the Figma design into a WordPress landing page, ensuring every detail is faithfully represented.
⦁ Responsive Design: Create a landing page that seamlessly adapts to various devices, offering an optimal user experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
⦁ Performance Optimization: Optimize the landing page for speed and performance, enhancing user experience and search engine rankings.
⦁ Ease of Content Management: Integrate Elementor for easy content management, enabling Handwave to effortlessly update and maintain their website.
⦁ User Engagement: Implement interactive elements and compelling visuals to enhance user engagement and encourage lead generation.

Project Phases:

A thorough review of the Figma design and consultation with Handwave to understand their specific requirements and vision.
⦁ Scope definition and the establishment of a project timeline.
⦁ Selection of Elementor as the page builder for its user-friendliness and versatility.
⦁ Configuration of the development environment.

WordPress Integration:
⦁ A clean WordPress installation was set up and configured.
⦁ Custom WordPress themes and templates were developed to mirror the Figma design.
⦁ Elementor was integrated to facilitate easy content management.
⦁ Compatibility across popular browsers was ensured.

Content and Functional Implementation:
⦁ Content from Figma was transferred to the WordPress landing page.
⦁ Engaging visuals and interactive elements were integrated to elevate user engagement.
⦁ Lead generation forms were implemented with robust validation and notification features.

Testing and Quality Assurance:
⦁ Rigorous testing on diverse devices and browsers to verify responsiveness and functionality.
⦁ Prompt identification and resolution of any bugs or issues.
⦁ Performance optimization to ensure quick loading times.

Client Training and Delivery:
⦁ In-depth training sessions were provided to Handwave’s team on using Elementor and maintaining the website.
⦁ The fully functional WordPress landing page was delivered to Handwave.

The successful completion of the Figma to WordPress landing page project for Handwave showcases GrewDev’s commitment to delivering exceptional web design and development. Key outcomes include:
⦁ Pixel-Perfect Conversion: The landing page mirrors the Figma design down to the smallest detail, creating a consistent and visually appealing user experience.
⦁ Responsive Design: The website adapts seamlessly to all devices, ensuring a uniform experience for visitors on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
⦁ Performance Optimization: The page loads rapidly, enhancing user engagement and search engine rankings.
⦁ Easy Content Management: Handwave can effortlessly manage and update content using Elementor, giving them full control over their website.
⦁ User Engagement: The integrated forms and interactive elements foster user engagement and streamline lead generation.

The successful Figma to WordPress landing page conversion for Handwave adds another feather to GrewDev’s cap, underlining our prowess in web design and development. The project’s outcome not only met but surpassed Handwave’s expectations, delivering a visually stunning and highly functional website that effectively promotes their technology and data analytics services. This achievement underscores GrewDev’s dedication to excellence in all aspects of web development, from design to performance optimization. Our portfolio section is enriched by this remarkable project, showcasing our commitment to creating web solutions that drive success for our clients.


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